Trinity Church

irivine-trinity-church_6279017385_oTrinity church was designed by architect Frederick Thomas Pilkington and is situated on Mizar Hill. It was opened on 29th December 1863, and was described by a local newspaper as “the most truly beautiful structure in the West of Scotland”. The architect was F.T.Pilkington of Edinburgh and the style is Venetia-Gothic.The spire however was not added until 6 years later. The Church closed in 1906, although it has been used for several other purposes throughout the century.

The rose wheel window was designed by Daniel Cottier, this being his first major piece of public work. He was heavily influenced by medieval design and themes of nature. Cottier is considered to be one of the most influential stained glass artists in Scotland. The interior, although much lost, has fourornately carved stone columns supporting finely carved capitals. A church hall adjoins to the rear via a polygonally roofed chapterhouse. The church was built for the Rev. William B Robertson, known as the ‘Poet Preacher’ on account of his lyrical sermons.

The 170 foot spire was not completed until 1869.

irivine-trinity-church_6279017389_oIt accommodated 750 worshippers, and all the pews faced the pulpit so that the speaker had command of everyone, and no one dared look away.

Trinity Church closed in 1966, though the building is still standing.


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