Hello and welcome to Irvine Scotland. We’re a small town on the West Coast of Scotland, a New Town with a thousand years of history.

We’ve got castles, cobbled streets, a gorgeous sandy beach, 24 hour supermarket shopping, a convenient shopping mall with a varied range of shops and we’re only a 35 minute train journey from the centre of Glasgow. We’ve got fast food alongside classic dining and traditional pubs. Our history is rich, varied and occasionally surprising; the impact of Irvine and its people throughout the world belies a town of this size.

We’ve got connections to engineering, craftsmanship, poetry, art, literature and publishing. We’ve even got connections to body-snatching, a hanging judge and more royal connections than you could shake a sceptre at.

On this site we hope to explore some of that background, to introduce Irvine to the world and show you a little of what we’ve got to offer.

The site will have sections for the famous sons and daughters of Irvine, the history of the town and what’s going on now. You’ll also find connections to Irvine businesses, Irvine charities and a section with information on how local people can get involved and help each other out.

Irvine has never been a town afraid of the future, we’ve got a long history of tearing down the past to build for the needs of today and tomorrow, so please enjoy the site and of course if you have any questions or comments get in touch.

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