Churchyard Indiegogo!

We’ve just launched this Indiegogo Campaign, it’s to record and put online the headstones in the Old Parish Churchyard in Irvine.
The churchyard contains a lot of historical headstones, friends of Robert Burns, Edgar Allan Poe’s step family, John Mennons (who founded the Glasgow Herald) and many more interesting and important characters. But it’s in danger of being lost. Vandalism, the ayrshire weather, and even efforts to make the site safe for visitors are putting the headstones at risk.
I’ve already spent a week or two photographing and putting online the 1389 headstones in the main part of the Churchyard, but I’d like to do so much more. I’d love to be able to transcribe the headstones, to make this record searchable, I’d love to be able to record the second churchyard at the back of the church, and I’d love to be able to research and put into context many of these headstones to bring out their stories.
Check out what I’ve already had chance to do at
So even if you don’t want to, or can’t contribute, or even if you’re not from Irvine and have no connection to the place, please share this, as the more people who see it, the more chance there is that we’ll be able to finish this project.

Visit the Campaign at

Or watch the campaign video.


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