Irvine Centre, Phase 3

Phase 3 of the New Town Plan would have continued the flow from the Irvine Centre along Irvine Harbour, demolishing that entire district to replace with a series of similar structures. These as can be seen in the below picture would have had the same roof structure as the Irvine Centre, and would in many ways looked part of the same building.


The next picture shows that another hotel was planned for phase 3 from the placement next to the beach shown this would have been on the shore, the buildings by this stage would have differed from the Irvien Centre design up on pillars, leaving ground level clear to retain sea views further inland.


The next image shows possibly part of the same building as it continues the buildings being built clear of the ground, but the most interesting part of this image is probably the suspended monorail shown.

The monorail was planned to start at the train station, and carry passengers through the harbourside, and onto housing estates planned along the shoreline. As the New Town was designed to carry overspill from Glasgow, this design would allow commuters to step off their train, step onto a monorail, and be carried to a stop at their own housing estate, lowering the need for road traffic to and from the station at rush hour.


The next picture showing a more conventional light railway running between the planned marina’s, would have allowed similar convenience and met demand, but shows they considered the monorail to be perhaps a far fetched concept for implementation.


As well as providing access to the beach, new housing and new marinas, Phase 3 would have provided the town with new entertainment, the images below show a ferris wheel, roller coaster, and a large leisure centre, providing Sky Slopes, Clubs, Theatres, Ice Rink, Kids Play, Pools and a Sports hall, many of the same features that the Magnum was later built to fulfil.

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And finally a model, showing the Leisure centre in it’s final incarnation as the Magnum, which looks very much like what they eventually built. But again with the Roller Coaster and Ferris wheel pleasure beachpark, and added marina’s (both of which were never built).




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