Glasgow Vennel to New Town Trail Cycle Route

cycle1This cycle route begins within one of the most historical streets in Irvine, Glasgow Vennel and leads the cyclist past the Old Parish Church towards to River Irvine before heading out of the town centre towards Dreghorn using parts of the New Town Trail. This route is also suitable for walkers, though the route is of considerable length.

1 – Glasgow Vennel

Starting within Glasgow Vennel which is the street within Irvine that Robert Burn worked and lived within during his time in Irvine head towards High Street. Cross High Street when it’s safe to do so and head down Kirk Vennel, which sits opposite Glasgow Vennel. As you head down Kirk Vennel you will pass Irvine’s Old Parish Church on your right hand side.

When you reach the end of Kirk Vennel continue on the foot path across the Golffields. To your right you will see the Powder House, where ammunitions were stored after James VI, of Scotland instructed that all Royal burghs should have gun powder magazines.

Continue along the path, passing the pedestrian bridge and keeping to the same side of the river. When you reach the road proceed to the pedestrian crossing which sits to your left. This road can be fairly busy as it leads to one of the main river crossings and to Irvine’s largest retail park. Cross the road when it’s safe and continue to follow the path until you reach the Menzies Hotel.

sillars-medow-ii-4-small2 – Menzies Hotel

Again, cross the road at the pedestrian crossing which sites close to the end of the path on Annick Road, just before the bridge across the River Irvine. Once across the road take the path that follows the River Irvine, and sits between the river and the golf course at the side of the Menzies Hotel.

3 – New Town Trail

Follow the path along the banks of the River Irvine, passing firstly under the by-pass (A78) and then secondly under Long Drive (B7080). This wooded area sits between town industrial estates that were constructed when Irvine was designated a New Town. And despite the industrial activities nearby is a good place to spot local wildlife.

4 – Dreghorn Playing Fields

As you follow the cycle route out of Irvine and towards Dreghorn you will pass football fields on your left hand side. When you reach the road, which is used as a dedicated bus route, cross the road when it’s safe to do so and continue along the cycle route path.

When you reach the foot bridge, cross the river using this bridge and follow the path as it bends around to the right. The path will shortly stop following the banks of Annick Water and begin to follow the Capringstone Burn towards the Perceton area of Irvine.

When you reach the junction in the path take a left turn and continue to follow road. This road is closed to public traffic though on occasions maybe used by farm traffic or vehicles carrying out maintenance work. When you reach a fork in the road take the right hand side of the junction and cross Townerlands Roads in to Perceton Row.

5 – Perceton Row

Follow the country road which will bend to the left before heading past a row of cottages which despite being located fairly close to modern parts of Irvine has retained much of it’s historical charm. Continue to follow the country road, passing Muirhouses Farm until you reach Middleton Road.

6 – Middleton Road

At the end of Perceton Row take a left turn onto Middleton Road and follow this road until you reach the Stanecastle round-a-bout.

7 – Stanecastle
When you reach the Stanecastle round-a-about take the third exit onto Bank Street. This is a major interchange within Irvine so we would recommend dismounting your bike and using the paths available to cross the roads when it’s safe to do so.

8 – Bank Street

Bank Street will lead you back towards Irvine town centre. When you reach an old fork in the road which has now been converted into a T-Junction you can either continue to follow Bank Street to the town centre or if you wish to return to that start of this cycle route take the left turn, followed by an immediate right turn. This road will lead you to the end of Glasgow Vennel.

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