Old Dreghorn Primary School {Urbex} Part 3

The water damage meant we daren't turn on any lights, and some areas were dark and thick with the smell of rot coming from the collapsing ceilings.

A dreadfully out of tune piano, the second site the Brewery acquired which came with it's own piano, along with the Mini Grand Piano in the headquarters building, our only site pianoless was the Brewery itself.

At a guess, this is Graffiti, but it at least suits it's environment. So come on Stroggy, do better.

The inside of the door leading to the external staircase pictured in Part 1. The release bar on this fire-door was blocked by a wooden bar and a school desk. Resembling the kind of barricades in a zombie apocalypse movie, however in reality they barricade a more real, and possibly more destructive force, local vandals.

This is where the real "feels" began, with this blackboard still showing a Goodbye message to the school from the pupils who attended it. It was a melancholy moment to discover this, knowing that children played and learned and had fun in this now abandoned and rotting building. I hope some of them see this here, and know their message survived some years before it was wiped.

Another whiteboard, this time still with teaching on it, for a primary school, this actually seemed pretty advanced.

The headmasters office above the main entrance, with another of those spectacular fireplaces (and it's own lavatory). The owner of the company claimed this one as his office at this site.

Signs next to the door in the headmasters office, a glimpse into day to day operations.

Was this the best they could do for the closing down party? Some wine glasses, a funky Coca Cola glass, and a (by then) very out of date bottle of blackcurrant juice.

They left us a server. I never got around to testing this unit, but even if it was working when they left, I very much doubt there was any way it would have worked after 2 years of water ingress into the room it was left in. Pretty sure it should have been disposed of anyway to stop any data recovery, especially in a primary school.

More vandalism.

The vandals were at least artistic, I get the feel that teenagers had been sheltering from the weather inside for much of the time since it closed, a continuing problem as we began operations.

Either the vandals / local teenagers had left this behind, or it took something extra to get this classrooms teacher through the day.